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We custom design containers to suit your needs

Commercial Use : Smart Offices, Events
Retail Use : Kiosks, Pop Ups
Accommodation : Students, Aged Care
accommodation retail accommodation
Residential : Granny Flats, Retreats
Residential Homes
granny_flats residential

Who we are: A passionate global team of design/build/manage professionals making a difference to the environment by building more affordable, eco-friendly and aesthetically remarkable buildings.

Our Philosophy: We believe in the power of sustainable simplicity, the importance of affordability and the necessity of green spaces, from liveable cities to outer growth zones or undeveloped areas in need of revitalisation. Together we can make the world a safer, cleaner, more affordable place to live and work in.

What We Do: We use upcycled shipping containers and complementary objects to build remarkable spaces that create and raise standards, whilst reducing issues and eliminating waste

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